10k unique NFT collectibles @ 0.05 ETH each.

Available now.

In a nutshell


Kn0wbots are a collectible NFT created by the team at Continuum, an education startup whose goal is to educate billions of people in the next 10 years.



What is Continuum?


Continuum is a venture-funded decentralized education platform that helps freelance creatives world wide generate income from anywhere and thrive as an independent.


Our mission is to help freelance creatives anywhere learn the skills, tools and best practices they need to have a thriving, sustainable career as an independent. We believe education is key to accessing the economic opportunities that will raise the quality of life for communities globally.



How does Continuum use NFTs?


The Continuum platform uses social tokens and NFTs as a reward system in our iOS and Android apps. 

Each Kn0wbots NFT holder receives utility and governance in the Continuum network:

  • The option to propose and vote on changes to the Continuum network and platform through an upcoming DAO release.
  • Access to NFT-holder-specific areas of our community.
  • Free membership for the Continuum learning app through the end of 2022.
  • Recognition as a founding member of Continuum forever (non-transferrable).

Why be excited about this?


With the forthcoming advent of Web3, people almost anywhere in the world have an opportunity for ownership that was not available before. Wherein Web 2.0 offered opportunities to exchange time for money, Web3 facilitates ownership through fungible and non-fungible assets represented by coins, NFTs and other tokens.


Whatever your opinions are on crypto, no one can deny the sector is absolutely exploding. NFT platform Opensea did $3.08 BILLION in monthly sales recently and VC giants like a16z are pouring millions into crypto start-ups every day.



With all this money floating around, there are an endless amount of opportunities for creatives to find work in visual, product, community, and marketing. And Continuum is focused on giving freelance creatives the hard and soft skills necessary to seize these opportunities.



NFTs are a core feature of our platform for the next decade and beyond. Kn0wbots are just the start.

10k unique Kn0wbots, here are a few

Join our community

Jump into our thriving community on Discord where you can learn more about Continuum and Kn0wbots, meet and engage with other creatives and NFT collectors and participate in the many workshops, AMAs and other live events we offer.




6pm ET, private minting

Private minting open for whitelisted wallet addresses. Special whitelist access for certain NFT holders, TBA

6pm ET, public minting

Public minting opens.

6pm ET, reveal

See what you got!
Various community NFT winners announced.

Hidden NFT series reveal

The Continuum platform rewards users for engagement with NFTs. This is the day we reveal what they are. 

October 2021 – NFT launch & Continuum Beta (NFT holders only)

December 2021 – Platform Beta 2.0 (NFT holders only)

Q1 2022 – Platform Soft Launch with rewards for top creators

Q2 2022 – Continuum platform main net launch


NFT Designer
André Gonçalves

Product designer, illustrator (and occasionally spoon carver).

Founder & CEO
Jason Curry

15 years freelancing and mentoring designers, developers, marketers and copywriters. 2x app studio owner with clients such as Goldman Sachs, Nest, Fitbit, F*ck Jerry, +more. Dad joke connoisseur 🤷🏻‍♂️

Founder & CD
Jamey Gannon

Self-taught designer, social strategist, and Creator in the creative space since the age of 16. Obsessed with her cats and rockhounding.

Matt Watts
Software and blockchain engineer. Former Amazon Alexa team lead. Professional card player, sky diving instructor.
Head of Content
Olivia Hoskin

Writer and course designer. McGill Grad & MBA. Former Crew.co, Dribbble, and Unsplash. Long-distance runner, fan of good coffee and craft beer.

Continuum 2021

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Join the whitelist

Pre-sale launch 11/04/2021 6PM EST
Public launch 11/05/2021 6PM EST
Join our discord to get on the pre-sale whitelist and avoid the gas wars. 

See channel: #🪙whitelist

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